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Cabinet Painting

kitchen with white paint

If you’re trying to give your kitchen cabinets a new look, then painting might be the way to go. Depending on the surface type, several standard colour options are available for beautifying your kitchen furniture. We at Wichita Cabinet Services are known for delivering a wide range of painting finishes to our clients in the city over the years. We’re trusted because of our unrelenting commitment to high-quality refinishing jobs. So if your cabinets are still in the excellent physical condition and you want to give you them a new look, then reach out to us top handle your cabinet paintings.

When is Cabinet Painting Advised?

You can paint your cabinets whenever you like. It’s best advised to do is when the offices are experiencing wear and tear on the surface. You could also decide to change the color of your cabinet finishing to match the paint job of your kitchen wall and appliances. While you can also paint any type of surface, wood is the most suitable surface for this finishing. If your current kitchen cabinet’s finishing is laminate material, then it’s not recommended that you paint them as it won’t stand the test of time.

How to Paint Your Cabinet

If your cabinets have stained or glossy surfaces, then a deglossing procedure is necessary before painting. It’s also essential to ensure that the surfaces are clean and free from the grease of any kind. Before painting the exterior, the cabinets have to remove, and their components -knobs, handles, hinges- are to be detached systematically. Sandpapering the surfaces is necessary if it is stained. The kitchen should be adequately ventilated when painting. We highly recommend hiring a professional service to paint your cabinets to ensure it’s done expertly and on time.

Why Hire Us

At Wichita Cabinet Services, we are made up of a team of prominent cabinet painters who use the best methods and only high-grade materials to get the job done. Our company is dedicated to excellence, so you can be sure that we’ll conserve the integrity of your cabinets with the appropriate chemicals and processes. Whether you’re going from a light hue to a much darker one or vice versa, we have a number of solutions such as primers and underbody coats that help achieve your goal. Over the years, we’ve been recognized as one of the leading cabinet painting service providers here in Wichita, KS. So you can trust us to beautify your kitchen.


Our prices per square foot are very affordable compared to alternative refinishing services in the city. Don’t be mistaken. Our low prices are no indication of reduced quality of service. It’s a result of our commitment to maximum customer satisfaction. So call us today and let our customer service representative talk you through our service options. If you’re looking for quality advice on painting or other refinishing options, you can also consult with of experts.

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