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Cabinet Refacing

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So your kitchen cabinets are looking old and covered with nips, cracks cuts and dents, and you’re considering a complete replacement. Hold up! There’s one last thing you should try out in order to revive the aesthetic quality of your kitchen furniture. Refacing your cabinets simply means replacing the exterior components and surfaces of the cabinet. So if your door handles, drawers boxes and knobs are worn out, then refacing will most likely mean replacing them. It could also entail using appropriate materials in resurfacing face frames, panels and toe kicks.

When is the right time for cabinet refacing

If you think that the parts and surfaces of your kitchen cabinets need more than just painting, then refacing might be the way to go. Especially when your kitchen furniture is covered in gouges, cuts, dents and cracks, it’ll require more than just a regular refinishing job to restore their aesthetic value efficiently. There’s also a process of staining involved in giving the surface an attractive finish that blends with the colour of its former covering.

Do you need a professional

Except you’re highly skilled in wood-works, cabinet refacing is a task best left for professional service providers. These specialists from reputable companies are usually equipped with high-grade tools and methods for reviving the look of your kitchen furniture. This makes it easier for them to achieve excellent results in much lesser time than if you did it yourself. Also, there are some cabinets such as those with doors made out of medium-density fibreboard, which require separate finishes from regular staining. That would most likely be outside of your scope of knowledge. Besides, you can also consult with professionals to know if modern accessories such as soft-close drawers and concealed hinges, can be included to give your kitchen that ‘brand new’ feeling.

What we offer

At Wichita Cabinet Services, we offer to refinish and refacing services of superior quality only. We have an in-house team of specialists who carry out meticulous cleaning, replacement, finishing and repair jobs on your kitchen furniture to get them looking attractive again. Our set of proven methods are combined with unmatched expertise to render what is recognized as the best refacing service here in Wichita, KS. Depending on your taste, we offer a wide range of services to bring the shine back to your cabinets without incurring the enormous cost of replacement.

Affordable prices

What alternative cabinet refacing services fail to meet up to us is our combination of excellent facilities and affordable rates. When hiring our company to handle all of our resurfacing needs, you’re guaranteed to get a neat job done for a relatively low cost. So why bother yourself in using your layman skills to reface your cabinets when you can call us and have our crew specialists repair and replace the various components and surfaces of your kitchen furniture. We also offer a wide range of refinishing services if your cabinets are not damaged physically in any way and require straight-up painting or staining to revive its appeal. Feel free to reach out to us today and find out how we can be of service to you.

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