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Cabinet Refinishing

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Are your kitchen cabinets losing face, or are they outdated? Well, if you’re considering replacing them, you may want to hold that thought. There are abundant solutions for extending the lifespan or your kitchen cabinet. Refinishing is the complete process of improving the aesthetics of your kitchen furniture by adding a new finishing. It usually requires some expertise to carry out effectively and costs far less than replacing the cabinets. If you’re considering refinishing your kitchen cabinets here in Wichita, KS, don’t look any further. We at Wichita Cabinet Services have a crew of cabinets refinishing specialists who will give you amazing results -and a good bargain.

How to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

There’s a lot that goes into refinishing your kitchen cabinets. The task entails measurements, cleaning and applying chemicals, so the right tools for the job are necessary to have. To get your cabinet looking new again, you may have to accept that your kitchen would be out of use pending the time that the refinishing project is on-going. Regardless of the type of finishing that you’re going for, you’ll have to carry out a rigorous cleaning with soap and then wood cleaners. You’ll move on to stripping the cabinets to prepare it for the new finish.

Can You Do it Yourself

While you may be able to refinish your kitchen cabinets by yourself, it’s not recommended for smart reasons. To effectively carry out a refinishing job without professional help, it can take you at least a couple of months. In this time, you’ll have to note that your kitchen would most likely be unavailable for use. Also, you’ll be exposing yourself to chemicals that usually require some form of experience in handling. As if that’s not enough reason to let an expert handle your refinishing job, pros understand the former finishing of the cabinets is important to note before adding a new one. They have the most effective methods for checking.

Why Us

Wichita Cabinet Services is one of the city’s top cabinet refinishing and refacing services. We’re known for our high-quality jobs that keep our clients satisfied. If you’re looking to add a new look to your kitchen without replacing the cabinets, you can call us. We have a crew of experts who make use of the best tools and materials in adding a new finishing to your cabinets. Whether you prefer a Formica, paint, shellac or lacquer finish, you can rest assured that our professionals would have your kitchen cabinets looking new again. So why bother exposing yourself to a lot of stress and harmful chemicals only to render your kitchen useless for months, when you can call us and have the job done excellently within a week.

Our prices

Our status as a leading company in the cabinet refinishing industry comes from our uncompromising attitude towards quality. We like to pride ourselves in our dedication to making our clients happy with our results. The best thing about our services is their relatively low pricing. Wichita Cabinets Services is a team of passionate individuals who help improve your kitchen’s look - at an affordable price.

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